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The CMPD Volunteer Ambassador Program is a call-to-action from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney for a cross-section of residents to actively contribute to the wellbeing, peace, and stability of the City of Charlotte through an apolitical lens.


Foster unification and goodwill across a variety of perspectives while preserving Charlotte’s reputation as a welcoming and safe city.

Register 1,500 volunteers (through sign-ups) who will:

  • Attend training (communication skills for conflict resolution, mediation, de-escalation,  etc.)
  • Pledge to mobilize for various events and needs across the city
  • Act as eyes and ears at large-scale events

Volunteer Expectations

  • Diverse community members who love and want to preserve and promote Charlotte’s brand and reputation
  • Ability to set aside politics and put community first
  • Willingness to learn about important, helpful information on safety, laws and other needs
  • Willingness to develop skills to bridge communities and conversations

Volunteer Activities

  • Facilitating future events
  • Providing others with situational awareness
  • Mediating conversations that showcase different perspectives
  • Working alongside CMPD during big events


Please sign up and stay tuned to receive the 2020 schedule for the Bridge the Difference Ambassador Training sessions.  We will be sending out information on opportunities to serve at community events through the holiday season of 2019.